During the holiday season, it’s hard to find unique, fun gifts for friends and family. Let’s be real: That discounted set of gingerbread-scented candles is just going to march its way to the trash after you’re gone.

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Parents strive to treat their families to amazing experiences. Catapult, in partnership with Intel, is the field guide for the modern mom, offering tech-based at-home activities that will build lasting memories.

Instead, try making a shareable cooking video with your kids using a classic family recipe. Then upload it online and send it out to relatives. All you need is a high-powered PC with a fast processor and a camera (and maybe have a few extra eggs on deck for any of the inevitable kitchen emergencies). It’s a fun way to teach your kids some basic tech skills, and you’ll end up with a sleek-looking video that you can watch for years to come. To find out how, watch the video above.

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